Nexii’s Vision: A Living Vision

Dear friends of Nexii,

It is with pride and gratitude that we write to you with exciting news.

We came to the conclusion at the end of 2012 that there was just not enough financial capital willing to support the development of market infrastructure for impact investing—most especially from a base in South Africa.

To preserve the value of what we have created, we have since pursued ways to partner with others to leverage the success we have already achieved in the development of the Impact Exchange and iC platforms. Nexii sought parties who firstly aligned in purpose and objective, and secondly, who were sufficiently resourced and positioned to successfully execute and realise the potential of a shared vision.

Our first agreement, announced in May 2013, saw the handover of the management of the Impact Exchange to IIX Asia. We simultaneously transferred the AIRs to the Impact Trust, an independent industry body that can best serve the sector as a whole.

Now, we are proud to announce that, as of October 2013, the iC will pursue its objectives under new and dedicated leadership operating from within Europe together with the support of our partners Alternativa (AM France).

Nexii will transfer its iC assets to European-based NewCo to be established under a new and unique brand following completion of a successful Beta Phase. NewCo’s leadership team will work to ensure its continued growth and success, supported by both Alternativa (AM France) and Nexii’s founding shareholders. It will be independently responsible for listing and monitoring the impact compliance of listings on the iC platform, using the rules and criteria that Nexii had previously developed. NewCo’s first priority is to prove the concept through first listings in 2014.

Nexii has spent many years exploring the potential of our iC platform, particularly in light of the ongoing success of AM France’s marketplace, Alternativa, which specifically supports SME investment in Europe. We are therefore thrilled to see the iC initiative moving forward.

This transfer of the iC leadership means that we will be closing down the Nexii brand. To celebrate our experiences over the years, the Nexii Team has compiled a case study that documents our rich history, the challenges that we faced, as well as key lessons that we learnt along the way. We hope that this case study proves valuable to other pioneers in the impact investment sector.

Nexii’s vision of connecting communities to capital and capital to change remains a living vision.

We are confident that the Impact Exchange and iC platform will succeed with support from industry actors including the Impact Trust, AIRs, and other intermediaries dedicated to the development of the impact capital markets.

We also encourage you to support the living vision of Nexii by following the Impact Trust on Twitter and to subscribe to their mailing list to receive updates of further events.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your continued support. Special thanks must go to our core partners, without whom our work would not have been possible. Also to our advisory board and to all those who participated in the compilation of our case study through interviews and feedback; your insight was invaluable.

The Nexii Team

September 2013